I have 12+ years of experience as a digital product designer. Currently, I'm with Swiftly, focusing on a design system, developing new features and UX enhancements, creating tools for the team, and refining the design process.

I'm happiest when I find a simple solution to a complex problem.

I believe that in order for a design to be good, it must meet user needs, technological limitations, and business goals. So I learn technologies, tools, and research methods daily. Moreover, good design requires collaboration, so I work closely with researchers, engineers, and product managers — different perspectives can improve a design exponentially.

Knowledge sharing is also important, and I occasionally mentor other designers. They say I'm good at it.

teams and projects


Senior Product Designer 2022 -   

I spearheaded the development of a multi-platform design system, collaborated closely with engineers to build a UI library, and continue to maintain it. I also create tools to assist my teammates and improve the design process.

Here's a story about one of these tools, a color palette generator↗︎ that greatly benefited our design, engineering, and marketing teams by saving a considerable number of hours.

In addition to it, I work closely with researchers and product managers to enhance user experience and develop new features for our products.


Web Designer 2020 - 22

It was an exciting time of rapid growth for Veeam on its way to world leadership. I collaborated closely with marketing and engineering teams to develop a new corporate website for Veeam. Additionally, I contributed to the design system and created a Behance case↗︎ to show it to the world.


Senior Product Designer 2019 - 20

At Cointelegraph, I designed versions for China, South Korea, and Turkey. Being able to work across multiple time zones and learn about the specifics of multilingual interfaces for different cultures was fascinating. A few months later, Cointelegraph became the most visited crypto media in the world. In addition, I designed and launched a new product, Cointelegraph Magazine↗︎


UX Lead 2017 - 19

I helped build a design team from scratch and worked on various projects, including launching a loyalty program app for x5 Retail Group ( case study) and redesigning CRM for a pharmaceutical company.


Senior UX Designer 2015 - 17

When I joined AGIMA, they had just started developing mobile apps. I led a design team that helped AGIMA become the second-best mobile app development agency in Russia. One noticable project was a mobile app for the second-largest internet provider in Russia, ( case study).


Founder, Designer 2014 - 19

In 2014, I founded a design studio with a small team of designers and engineers. Our focus was mainly on creating mobile apps. It was a fun and challenging time of significant growth and learning. Here is one of my favorite projects made by our team for Visa, Fitbox Virtual Racing ( case study).


2012 - 14

My professional career started with a website I built for my sister. To learn more, I began helping others with design and websites. Eventually, I had too many clients to handle, so I started my own studio.

favorite tools

Among the various design tools I know and use, these are my favorites.

  • Figma
  • JavaScript
  • FigJam
  • Notion
  • SwiftUI

case studies and articles

Figma Plugin for Dynamic Type

How I created a plugin that allows designers to preview Dynamic Type sizes in Figma.

How I automated the process of generating color themes

A Figma plugin that creates accessible color palettes using chroma.js and LCH color space.

Good Time, the Sleep Calculator

An iOS app that helps people to wake up feeling fresh and energetic each morning.


A redesign of Funimation's mobile app's home screen, video player, and navigation for better streaming experience

Fitbox Digital Marathon

This app helped 170,000+ athletes compete online, earn discounts, and find motivation.

Customer Loyalty App

Complete redesign of a loyalty app that reduced lines in stores, solved security issues, and increased profits for a supermarket chain My Account

A mobile app that kept track of account changes for one million customers of, the second largest provider in Russia.

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