I have 12+ years of experience as a digital product designer. Currently, I'm with Swiftly, focusing on a design system, developing new features and UX enhancements, creating tools for the team, and refining the design process.

I'm happiest when I find a simple solution to a complex problem.

I believe that in order for a design to be good, it must meet user needs, technological limitations, and business goals. So I learn technologies, tools, and research methods daily. Moreover, good design requires collaboration, so I work closely with researchers, engineers, and product managers — different perspectives can improve a design exponentially.

Knowledge sharing is also important, and I occasionally mentor other designers. They say I'm good at it.

teams and projects


Senior Product Designer 2022 -   

I spearheaded the development of a multi-platform design system, collaborated closely with engineers to build a UI library, and continue to maintain it. I also create tools to assist my teammates and improve the design process.

Here's a story about one of these tools, a color palette generator↗︎ that greatly benefited our design, engineering, and marketing teams by saving a considerable number of hours.

In addition to it, I work closely with researchers and product managers to enhance user experience and develop new features for our products.


Web Designer 2020 - 22

It was an exciting time of rapid growth for Veeam on its way to world leadership. I collaborated closely with marketing and engineering teams to develop a new corporate website for Veeam. Additionally, I contributed Behance case↗︎ to the design system.


Senior Product Designer 2019 - 20

At Cointelegraph, I designed versions for China, South Korea, and Turkey. Being able to work across multiple time zones and learn about the specifics of multilingual interfaces for different cultures was fascinating. A few months later, Cointelegraph became the most visited crypto media in the world. In addition, I designed and launched a new product, Cointelegraph Magazine↗︎


UX Lead 2017 - 19

I helped build a design team from scratch and worked on various projects, including launching a loyalty program app for x5 Retail Group ( case study) and redesigning CRM for a pharmaceutical company.


Senior UX Designer 2015 - 17

When I joined AGIMA, they had just started developing mobile apps. I led a design team that helped AGIMA become the second-best mobile app development agency in Russia. One noticable project was a mobile app for the second-largest internet provider in Russia, ( case study).


Founder, Designer 2014 - 19

In 2014, I founded a design studio with a small team of designers and engineers. Our focus was mainly on creating mobile apps. It was a fun and challenging time of significant growth and learning. Here is one of my favorite projects made by our team for Visa, Fitbox Virtual Racing ( case study).


2012 - 14

My professional career started with a website I built for my sister. To learn more, I began helping others with design and websites. Eventually, I had too many clients to handle, so I started my own studio.

favorite tools

Among the various design tools I know and use, these are my favorites.

  • Figma
  • JavaScript
  • FigJam
  • Obsidian
  • SwiftUI
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