Hello, I'm Andrei

I’m a Seattle-based product designer. I design web and mobile applications, build tools for Figma community and occasionally mentor fellow designers. I enjoy playing games and tinkering with JavaScript and SwiftUI in my spare time.



Senior Product Designer 2022 -   


Web Designer 2020 - 22


Senior Product Designer 2019 - 20


UX Lead 2017 - 19


Senior UX Designer 2015 - 17


Founder, Designer 2014 - 19


2012 - 14


  • Seattle, WA
  • 10:23:38 PM

Personal projects and experiments

Dynamic Type Preview ↗︎

Preview your mockups at different Dynamic Type sizes

Bind Colors to Variables ↗︎

Replace hex colors with color variables of the same values in Figma

App Store Reviews ↗︎

A Postman collection for retrieving and visualizing app store reviews

Color Variables Style Guide ↗︎

Figma plugin that creates color style guides based on color variables

inhale ↗︎

Award-winning design concept for an app for breathing

Simple Palette Generator ↗︎

Figma plugin for creating accessible color palettes

the octopus magazine ↗︎

Design concept for a tech media app

my old portfolio website ↗︎

Award-winning portfolio website with case studies and some nice octopi

Wrap in a Section ↗︎

Figma plugin. Create or resize a section around selected layers

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